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return to work before my surgery???
I live in Tn and am a truck driver. I was pulling hoses on Monday and felt a burn in my stomach. I did report it to my terminal manager same day. I was out of state and Tuesday when I returned to Tn I went to the ER on my own, calling him before I went, Had a CT scan and was dx with a hernia and refered to a surgeon. My teminal manager said he didn't think a hernia was considered workmans comp and didnt send me to a company dr untill today. Thursday. And this dr agreed with er dr and is referring me to a surgeon. OK now I just got a call from my terminal manager for me to return to work tomorrow on light duty. I am holding my 2 fingers over the protrusion, and just got pain meds prescribed today. They say on the bottle for home use only,
My question
And how can they make you work under these conditions. If I do not go in will it affect my workers comp.
I am waiting on the workers comp lady to call me with the name of 3 drs.
The dr I saw today gave every restriction there was on the light duty form. Said he could not say I could not return to work BECAUSE it was a workers comp injury. But thought with all the restrictions I wouldn't have to.
I am in alot of pain and very uncomfortable, worried about taking medicine and driving 35 miles to work.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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return to work before my surgery??? - Pambud96 - 07-12-2012, 05:40 PM

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