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can a doctor reverse months old restrictions?
i first met my surgeon back in feb and he requested surgery for me but also said i could return to work with 20 pound restrictions. every doc and surgeon ive seen prior has requested surgery and took me off work. theres no restricted duties at my work. so when WC got that paper they reduced my pay by $50 a week. i was mad but again didnt want to rock the boat. so that was $800 i lost untill my surgery. whatever, but now i applied for ssdi and was turned down solely because he said i could work in feb and it has to be 1 year of continuous no work, so he set me back 6 months or so. when he said i could work i told my other WC doc and she said that was rediculous to reccomend surgery and send me back to work, if you could work you wouldnt need surgery. im finally going in to see this surgeon tomorrow and im telling him to tell WC that it was an office mistake or something. there wasnt a chance i couldve worked at all this full year. will he be able to do that? thank you

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can a doctor reverse months old restrictions? - jayc123 - 07-10-2012, 02:55 PM

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