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Advise for workers comp claim. Only 20yrs old w/ damage to disc in lower back!!
Recently, I slipped on the stairs at my job. The cleaning lady had just mopped them and had no signs out. I got a contusion to my lower back in the tailbone area. There was immediate pain in my back and legs. I could hardly walk. I file a claim and see a Dr. that day that my work is set up through. Place they send me is like an urgent care and they are not ones who take you off work unless you are dying. Dr looks at me and sets up some PT sessions. At this time I also continued to work in a call center sitting all day. Everyday my pain was no less then a 10. Dr. says I failed at PT and we need an MRI. In the course of waiting for MRI. On a Sunday I was getting ready for work this day my pain was a little more then others and I sat on the edge of the bed bent to tie my shoe and my lower back popped!! I lost feeling in both of my legs for about 10 mins and could not move! I call the people I've been seeing and he says you need to go to hospital sounds like I blown a disc. I drove myself to hospital they get me in immediately and give me a shot for the pain and dr comes in and says you can not work like this. A couple days later they approve the MRI. The dr I've been seeing says I blown a disc and it is laying on the sciatic nerve in my left leg which is the reason I had more pain in my leg then I actually did in my back. I see the specialist and he says there are 3 disc that are "damaged" and one is bulging with tears in it and laying on the left sciatic nerve. Now to me a "blown" disc and a "bulging" disc sounds like 2 diff. things. Specialist briefly sees me and orders an epidural steroid injection. I wanted surgery to be my last resort anyways since I am only 20 years old and no back pain ever. I just hired an attorney today cause things were getting too weird for me. I've never been contacted or seen an nurse. And the weekly pay they gave me was completely different then what they said it would be from what the ck was. Like I said I am only 20 yrs old, I don't want to drag this out, but I want to get better again! Any advise welcomed!! Please help!

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Advise for workers comp claim. Only 20yrs old w/ damage to disc in lower back!! - brandnew23 - 05-12-2012, 01:33 AM

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