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Tips and tricks to do normal things while in pain..
After 9+ years of Chronic Back pain, I do not dwell on what I cannot do; I dwell on the things I can do.

As stated earlier, I walk and it hurts big time but without some form of exercise, our bodies waste to nothing more quickly.

The Fentanyl Patch helps me. It does not take away all the pain but makes life more tolerable.

Our house is 2900 sq foot; My wife who also works takes care of it along with myself; I wash and fold clothes and I also cook 95% of our meals. We are Healthy eaters and very seldom eat out.

Weight loss was a big + for me. Many IW's put on weight. Here is a couple of great articles for motivating ones self to lose the extra pounds and being Injured;



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RE: Tips and tricks to do normal things while in pain.. - lucky - 05-07-2012, 02:23 PM

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