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Should I settle...they are pushing since last summer!
(03-28-2012, 10:51 PM)jayne Wrote: to be open and honest with you your lawyer is going to push you to settle your medical as will your IC because that is where the money is...not in your disabilty % but if your husband can support you both and money isnt a constant worry try not to settle medical,even if they wave hundreds of thousands of dollars in your face...cuz down the road when you need your body worked on no one will touch it and you have spent that money you will live in agony,or die in agony.If you dont settle your medical they will have to fix you as best you can be fixed.....on the other hand some states have a time limit when they are off the hook or are such a bitc- to deal with its easier to settle put the money in the bank and go from there....are you good with money? can you put it in the bank and not touch it? all these questions need to be answered....are you now or will you be trying to get SSDI? if so you need to get a medicare setaside....your lawyer wont like that..its alot of paperwork but it protects you and your medical....please go apply for SSDI tomorrow....it will protect you..you can do it online or at your local SS office and 2 years after you are approved medicare will take care of your injury along with your setaside....

I was told that if I apply for SSDI now it will cause me to have a lower settlement. The SSDI lawyer told me not to apply until I was close to a settlement or already settled. There has been no mention of open medical from my lawyers mouth so I don't know if that is an option but someone else on here from FL said it is. He is a WC attny and only gets 8 percent so I don't think this is in his best interest to get me to take a low settlement. This has stressed me out and depressed me so much I am ready to have the WC out of my life. It would be great if I could settle with open medical at this point. Today I found out that the injury to my shoulder that has been neglected for two years has severe arthritis from the accident. I am sure the same is to follow with my neck....I was 45 when this happened and had never been in the hospital, had a broken bone or even been sick. Now I have no idea what my future holds....I guess all I can do is take the advice of all you good people and pray about it. Thank You all for taking the time to help me along the WC battlefield. I truly appreciate it!

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RE: Should I settle...they are pushing since last summer! - FrankenNeck - 03-29-2012, 12:16 AM

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