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Should I settle...they are pushing since last summer!
I was injured in a car accident 1-8-10 while working out of my own vehicle. The person at fault was ticketed and her ins settled with me for limit. I have been on wc for close to two years and my wage checks stop in a few months. I had a fusion on my c5-c6-c7 one of my dr's says it has not healed and the other that did the surgery wants to now do a level 3 surgery one me, also I have just finally found out that my ortho wants to do shoulder sugery on me also on injury also sustained from the accident. I am in FL and I am not sure of the laws but I think I must settle everything including medical...this is very scary. I have read many of the posts on here and researched my situation. It sounds pretty grim with the possibility of many more surgeries to come. I already have some permanent nerve damage along with all of this and starting to get pains in my mid and low back with both shoulders and arms and hands, headaches and a constant nagging pain down the left side of my neck. I have had NB shots and sterroids in my neck and shoulder this gives me temporary relief until they wear off then I would like to chew my arm off it hurts so bad and the neck ugh! I don't sleep well because of all the pain and this whole situation has made me quite depressed, I am now on prozac. My stomach is messed up and liver enzymes are 67 from all the pain meds. I had a good job I loved making 50k a year that I thought I would retire on. It involved driving 14hrs a day nonstop and strenuous physical capabilities. I can no longer do this as it hurts to do much of anything. I have a 9th grade education and don't see myself getting any comparable job with my injuries if I was told I could go back to work. I have been off work for almost two years. My lawyer says my case is worth hundreds of thousands of $ and wants me to think about settling now while I need two more surgeries because this will get me the most money. I am really not concerned about the money as I am concerned about my quality of life. I have been told by many people my health ins will never touch this even tho it is group from my husband witch includes pre-existing. I don't know what to do...any advice would be helpful at this point from all of you...thanks!

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Should I settle...they are pushing since last summer! - FrankenNeck - 03-27-2012, 07:30 PM

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