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Can W/C start issuing IIBs without telling you

.jpg   zurich form 001.jpg (Size: 442.97 KB / Downloads: 9) OK long Story and I will try to make it short as I can ....
I inserted this letter from the W/C carrier look at Dates
I was injured 0n 1/17/2011 . I ended up having back surgery in June 2011. Here in the State of Texas
My doctor was wanting to do another back surgery. Butttt W/C sent me to the MMI Dr. and the post DRME Dr. in the same week which was on 2-14-2012. They both said I was at MMI and gave me a IR of 5% , which is fine ok what ever tired of fighting these people . But my issue is ! W/C just sent me a letter yesterday 3/17/2012 stating the post drme and MMI Dr both put me on MMI on or about 12/19/2011 . And started IIBs which will end on 4/02/2012. I have yet to receive nothing but TIBs checks to current date . Further more W/C just sent me this letter yesterday
Not one check has stated IIBs . So I feel like they are screwing me over due to the fact I am basically done with tibs and with no job sense my employer fired me on march 12th 2012 . But here is the kicker If they have told me I could have been looking for a job . But sense I waited for the doctor report for over a month I couldnt , because if I had found a job and W/C found out about it they would have made me pay all the money back . stating I wasnt released yet . But now the doctor put me at MMI 2 moths prior to the MMI eval . So basically as I am taking this I was burning up my IR checks without ANY notification of even receiving them until 3/17/2012 . My question is can they doi this and is there any thing I can do sense they have not even given proper notices what so ever ?

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Can W/C start issuing IIBs without telling you - brainteazer1234 - 03-18-2012, 09:42 PM

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