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Doctor telling me to return to work???
[/size] I need some understanding here. I was involved in a car accident two Fridays ago with my boss on the way to see a client. We were t-boned from the drivers side and my head was thrown against the passenger side glass. A workers comp claim was filed for me and I went to see their doctor today because I have been having concussion symptoms since the accident. She referred me to a neurologist but said that she was restricted under workers compensation to remove me from work. I told her that due to the type of job I have where I am required to manage people, make decisions, etc...I am in no condition to do this type of work. How do they expect me to be a manager with a concussion?

My first questions is: why would she be restricted from removing me from work?
2. is that what the neurologist would recommend?
3. can I dispute this with the insurance carrier?

I am really frustrated right now because I do not want to be in a position to potentially lose pay.

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Doctor telling me to return to work??? - HH4 - 02-28-2012, 08:41 PM

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