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Horrible discussion with dad's social worker
Hi All,

I had a meeting today with my dad's new social worker. It's an annual thing, the problem is that this idiot spoke with my step mother first. Before she spoke to the nurses, my dad's doctors, read his notes or talked to me or my aunt. So she now thinks that I'm artifically keeping my dad alive. I've called for a review, I called for an independent report. Artifically alive, well, he takes meds for his heart, to keep his blood pressure up since he tends to run low, one multi vitamin, one anti-depressant and his trial med for his Alzheimer's. Which is due to end come March of next year, which improved his quality of life greatly. He can walk, he can feed himself, he can read. And my female dog of a stepmother convinced this idiot social worker that I should be removed as his guardian because I'm artifically keeping him alive.

Well guess what, both are in for a rude shock. The social worker had no idea that my stepmother had 2 court dockets in the past three years for her treatment of my dad. Not to mention that she's not allowed to see him alone since she has this tendency to slip him meds that he's not allowed to have. Imagine taking his idiots words over mine when I am listed as the first contact, my aunt as second and she's only about fifth down the line. This idiot social worker just read 'wife', that was enough for her. Well guess who probably won't have a job with the next 48 hours if not sooner. I just got home, going to pour myself a nice glass of wine and try and calm down. Icy roads this morning and I get this call.....she's going to wish she'd never, ever met me. I am there for my father, he's alive today because of my care. I'm not going to do anything to my stepmother over this...let her just think and believe she's back in control. Until I see her face to face at the end of this month during the monthly meeting, I can't wait...it will be sweet. I've met with the nursing home supervisor, we're good friends, she's aware of what is going on and can't believe it...I couldn't believe it.

Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better, this is going to be good. She can still see my dad, he needs to see her, it's important for him.

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Horrible discussion with dad's social worker - bodybuilder1958 - 02-13-2012, 07:20 PM

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