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Bummer's Back
It has been a week, high stress!

I started having problems earlier in the week with the computer, it started with the mouse & keyboard freezing up, then the computer would crash.

I was able to restart the computer one time in the repair mode but that didn't last! The next time I went to restart the computer, nothing!

I took the HP diesktop in to a local repair shop and the Dx was the hard drive was bad on my computer which is just over a year old.

Fortunatly when I purchased the computer I had a recovery disk made, use it cut down on the repair bill.

I have been reloading software and working on password to different accounts.

Add to that my 2010 van is in the shop having recall work done and I have this little dream machine the dealer gave me to drive.
I believe it is called a Packard.

With the furnace & heat pump being replaced last week it has turned into an expensive February.

Now some answer this now I have loged on with the new password, how do I change the password for this forum.

Thanks Bummer Knees

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Bummer's Back - Bummer Knees - 02-10-2012, 02:40 PM
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