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New Jersey worker comp
Hi everyone,

Here is my story I work for **edited by moderator - no names please** and had a fall at work. While I was replacing a line to a house my ladder had kick out from me. I was about 2 story up (just above the 2nd fl window near the roof).

I had injured my back as well as my left hand in Feb 2008. I had back pain & my left hand was swollen. WC agree to settle on the back problem only. We had settle with a stipulation that I can reopen my case within 2 years.

About 6-7 months after my settlement my back pain came back. I requested to see a doctor but got the run around. My lawyer also got the run around. Finally after over a year they agreed to reopen my case. Now I will need surgery with only a 50/50 chance or recovery. I was told that I may not be able to return to my job as a tech.

Since the closing of the first case I have received about a $8 increase. I will be out of work for 3 month after my surgery.

My questions:
1) Will I be paid at my old salary or new salary under worker comp.
2) If I am not able to return to work at all what kind of compensation will I receive.
3) Should I look at getting another lawyer? (Don't understand why it took over a year for him to get my case open again)



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