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Dr. released me to light duty, but I don't think I'm ready
I was injured in June 2011 in CA and had to move to Washington State for my husband's job in Nov. 2011. I was originally told that I could transfer to Seattle, WA office once I got better. I am now released by the doctor for light duty (meaning 1-2 hours/week). My employer has just informed me that a position has not opened up in Seattle yet, but that they need me in CA until one opens up. I have been receiving WC benefits with loss wages benefits with no problem since injury.
Here is my question:
-do I fly to CA and appease the doctor/employer until a local position becomes available?
-I honestly don't think I'm even ready to return to work since 6 wks ago the doc thought I needed surgery and I still have 0 strength, should I get a 2nd opinion?
-do I need a lawyer to help me navigate this case?
-what if I decide to quit my job? Will it hurt my chances of a future settlement?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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Dr. released me to light duty, but I don't think I'm ready - islandrock - 02-03-2012, 03:48 AM

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