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Lump sum after being released to full duty??
Hi. I have had a claim going on for about 6-7 months now due to a knee injury at work. I have been getting checks weekly, and about a month ago the company that I work for (factory) shut down. My claims agent called me a couple weeks ago to make sure everything was still good and that I was receiving my checks. He also asked if I was still with the company. I told him no and he said that that changed everything. He said I had two options. 1. Accept a lump sum and all medical attention would cease or 2. I wouldn't receive anymore checks, but they would continue to pay for my doctors visits/physical therapy. Last week I called him and told him I would do the lump sum. He came up with an amount and I agreed and he said he got it approved. He said he sent the settlement to an attorney who would look it over, then the attorney would send It to me to look over and sign and send back. I should get that within the next week. He said the attorney would then send it to the ga board of WC and they have to approve it and that that should only take a couple days. Anyway, I went and had an fce today. They said that I did very well and that when the doctor receives the results, he should probably release me to full duty. The doc doesn't know my job shut down. So my question is, if I do get released to full duty, can they cease my lump sum altogether, or even make it less?? I called my claims agent today and asked if the doc or physical therapist say I'm improving, can they decrease the amount of it. He said the amount we agreed on us set in stone. But I didn't ask him about if I got released to full duty altogether. So does anyone have any idea? I've searched and searched for an answer but can't find one. Can they cease the lump sum before all the paperwork is done? Being jobless now, I really need the money. Thanks! And sorry for this being so long!

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Lump sum after being released to full duty?? - Vicksquick7 - 02-03-2012, 03:16 AM

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