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how do i settle on medical
Turns out my attorney misunderstood me. When I told him I hod NO social security benefits here, he asked if I would allow him to check because he had never had a case where someone worked so little that they didn't have any entitlements to benefits. He is if this were true, then it made absolute sense to have lifetime medical. Then on top of all of this, I find that a friend of mine had sent and email on my behalf to my neurosurgeon while I was at the pain clinic in Florida, she knows him personally. He told her that no one had been in touch with him at all about my being sent there and that this was the worse possible thing for me and my recover. Seems the center could monitor emails and stop them coming to me. This one didn't get to me, but did get to my friend. She sent it on to me when I asked if she had any emails the she sent that I didn't respond to. She sent everything she had. Now my attorney is seeing for himself that my neurosurgeon never did have any interaction with this center, despite the center assuring. me that they had done. And to add to that, the neurosurgeon stated he would say so in court if he had to. This is outrageous . I am still waiting for the nursing notes from the center as well. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should sue for damages done to my central nervous system by being sent there. My attorney nearly fell off of his seat when I told him about this email. It is now safely in his hands As well as a few others that were sent to him when I was there complaining about my treatment and how it was causing me extreme pain. My surgeon is appalled.

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