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mid and low back herniated discs
hi, i was wondering a couple things,first,heres my injuries,herniated discs at t12-L1 and L4-L5 and bulging annulus at L5-S1 all with compression on thecal sac.diffuse disc desiccation at L3-L4 and significant discogenic disease atT11-T12.happened at work in july,had the cluster of shots for 3 weeks in a row none lasted more than 48 hours,surgeon then requested physical therapy,4 weeks,actually made my upper injury much worse.went back to surgeon beginning oct he said he was going to do 2 separate surgeries,i requested another surgeon and it was ok'd by WC she said shed call me back that afternoon.3 weeks went by and no call,had my lawyer contact her and found out the surgeon put in for the wrong surgery now i have to wait for him to correct his paperwork.3 weeks have now gone by again and still no new surgeon.is there anything i can do to speed this up?i could never imagine it taking this long.my work has been great so far.but the docs tell me ill never do my job again.im a very physical builder with a side company and plenty of work i keep turning down.if i cant do this anymore i dont know what ill do i cant be stuck behind a desk.im in florida.what kind of settlement should i expect if i cant do what i love anymore?and how much longer will this go on?any insight would be greatly appreciated,thanks

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mid and low back herniated discs - jayc123 - 11-22-2011, 05:27 PM
RE: mid and low back herniated discs - AQA - 11-23-2011, 02:48 AM

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