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Approved for SSD Just received 2nd MMI rating
Colorado here. I received a call from SSD attorney stating that I my case was approved! It didn't take them very long to make that decision. I applied in May, approved 11/15/2011. The clincher is since my W/C injury (11-2008) I'd had serious psych issues requiring medications, and 2 wks of hospital stay, on going psych counseling. Due two my CRPS that the W/C doctors were treating me for. My primary doc., and surgeon both agreed that I do have CRPS (left hand/arm). But on 12/10 the DIME doctor stated that didn't have it and my treatments stop! Also stated that I wasn't at MMI and reqested Brachical Plexus blocks and continued PT.

11/15/2011, SSD doc agreed that I do have CRPS, chronic server hypertention resulting from pain, certain medications, stress etc. Damage of left ulnar nerve and bi-laterial damage of both upper extreminties. CRPS has spread to left shoulder and neck. Case approved. Due to memory loss, anxiety, depression SSD states that I have to have a Power Of Attorney to handle my SSD benifits (money)...this sucks BIG TIME.

W/C as of October 31, 2011 placed me at MMI with a whole body rating of 10%. I am to see once again the same DIME doc for his opinion. My question is will SSD decision have any bearings on my W/C case? And yes I do have an attorney whom is requesting a copy of my SSD letter. I will call tomorrow to pose this same question to the attorney...just wanted an opinion from the forum.

God Bless
Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Approved for SSD Just received 2nd MMI rating - lefty - 11-16-2011, 05:00 PM

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