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questions to ask attorney about an offered settlement
I am not sure that I have a lot to offer, but my first suggestion would be to know what your state says about what kind of injury you have. Are you permanently or partially permanently disabled? Are you going to be able to work in the future? All of this is relevant to the questions that you ask us to help you with. Let say that you are going to be permanently disabled from your current job because of your injury as you mentioned. I would address then from priorities first....Medical, Vocational Rehab, and then loss income etc.


future medical cost and who would be responsible.
know more about how to obtain open medical.
know more about the Medicare Set Aside and is it relevant to you.

Vocational Rehab - of course this is relevant only if there is any chance that you may return to an employment at any time in the future.
ask about its relevance and whether it is possible for you.

Lost Income:
Ask about having a I believe it is called a true life estimation done so you will know what your actual costs and losses are going to be as a result of this injury.
Before I talked to the attorney I would sit down and figure out what I made each year on the job, including your vacation sick time etc and then figure out what you are going to recieve from SSDI and then find out what your losses are until you are 65. That would be the typical working time frame. I believe they have changed that to 70 years old now, but you could ask your lawyer about that also.

This is just a few of my ideas. First you must know what how your medical needs are going to be met and go from there. Good luck Red
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