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SSD approval...depressed and confused~
Sorry that you are having such hard emotions. This is a hard road.

Yes, there is an 80% rule. My SS benefits are offset my workers comp so my WC benefits are full (because they are 66% of my income) and then SS benefits fill in the gap between the 66% and 80%.

There are many good things about SS. Now that I am settling my case, after I get my settlement, I will get a full benefit of social security monthly to live off of and I can use my settlement money to save and to start my new life.

Also, many people do not know this, if in the future you settle and are only on SS and you want to try to go back to work, social security will give you full benefits for 9 months while you work. Therefore, you can work and still receive full SS for 9 months so if in those 9 months, you can not still work, you do not have to refile or anything. You just call SS, and let them know that you could not keep working and your benefits continue as always.

This is the situation I will find myself in since I settled my case. I will get full SS benefits and if in the future I can try to go back to some kind of work, SS will help me.

Good luck

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RE: SSD approval...depressed and confused~ - nursedina - 11-11-2011, 08:23 AM

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