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question on old injury
First let me state that Im new to this forum. Here is my story. I am a working plumber in Texas and injured myself placing a water heater on a stand 8 years ago. Day after injury i was in serious pain and left work to see a doctor. I was never told by my employer (who new what caused injury) that it should be filed as a workmans comp claim and they let me handle it through my health insurance. Here I am years later and still in pain. Is there any law that protects me from the fact that my employer did not tell me to file or am I left to deal with it on my own since so much time has gone by? It just seems that since i informed them of my injury they should be liable for it being reported. If it matters I am still employed at same company.

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question on old injury - txlopes - 10-27-2011, 11:52 AM
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