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Everyone Should read this. Important info
**star** Wrote:I am scheduled to see a QME and am in CA. Have you received the doctors report back yet? Was it in your favor? ARe they ever in the patients favor here in CA? I'm very worried about this appointment since I have met horrible doctors in this system.

Hi Star,

I am also in california, I have found my AME Dr. to be very fair as to my injurys for the most part, not really one sided.

However, I do think that the adjust their appts. with the paitents to accomadate the inusrance co. Just like now, I will have appointment with my injurys and it is taking very long to get the report.

For example, Two yrs. limit for TTD benefits, One of my Ame appts. took 7 mo's to see the dr. stretching out the limbo time.

When they wanted me to see the dr. to make me P.S. the Ame appt. only took 2 mo's to see the Dr. and 2 weeks to get the report.

All i can say is dont be in a hurry.

Thanks for all the help.

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