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Full duty release and trying to return to work
Today is a bad day and trying not to pull my hair out. After 2 shoulder surgeries, 14 months of being on wc and 4 weeks of work hardening I was released for full duty with no restrictions by my dr on June 1 and to date I am still not back to work and have received no income since June 1. My life has been a daily nightmare since that time. I was informed by my attorney that a couple of things needed to be done in order to return to work and one of them was my employer required me to do a lifting test at there facility. My employer would never return my phone calls to schedule it finally it was scheduled for June 30. A month later I still hadn't been contacted regarding the results of the test. Finally after a week of my attorney contacting them, they told my attorney that I had not passed their lift test. With the discrepancy between work saying I wasnt fit to return and my Dr saying I was, my Dr ordered an FCE. When my employer heard about the FCE, an offer was made that they would let me go through 5 additional weeks of work hardening only at there facility, be put back on wc but to accept this I was not to do the FCE which I had scheduled for the next day. Due to the FCE being scheduled for the very next after the offer was made, I chose to follow my dr's recommendations and go through the FCE. The results of the FCE indicated that all I needed to do was go to back. No further physical therapy or work hardening was required since some of the tests I had even maxxed out the top weights. This occurred 4 weeks ago and since then I have not heard from attorney, wc or my employer.
I have tried to apply for unemployment to get some relief but was told for me to receive anything I would have had to apply by July 1.
Sorry for the length of this post, but today I have just had enough. At this point, I do not even know if I am still employed or if I have been fired. Has anyone been through anything similar to this? Is it time to consider a possible change in attorneys? What happens when there is a difference between what the employer says and what the actual tests prove?
I would appreciate any thoughts that you guys might have and thanks for letting me do a little venting.

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Full duty release and trying to return to work - lm10529 - 09-13-2011, 02:04 PM

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