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Can someone give me advise on what to do?
Hi i was returned to work on 8/22/11 and called my boss on monday to let her know i was released and that ill fax her my doctors note , and i'll call her later that day she said to call her back friday because its already the middle of the week and she wee give me my schedule .well i take the note in on tuesday and hand it to a supervisor just to be safe. i call her saturday and ask for my schedule she said "listen because of availability issues we sent you to another store closer to home and she gave me the schedule and i call that store to confirm and i show up the first day and im told that they messed up on the schedule and i need to go to a differnt store to work ,I told them no because that im staying here to finish my schedule so the end of the week comes and i call to get my schedule and they tell me ive been sent to another store and give me my schedule for the new store . My first day there i tell the supervisor about my modified duty and she said she has no knowledge of it and i give her a verbal detail of it thinking my original store told them about my restictions so i work 3 days there and on the 3rd day i give her the note and she shows it to store manager and they call me to the office and tell me they cant accept my doctors note because i still look like im in pain and that i need to get a note from the company doctor so they cant be held liable if i reinjure myself and for me to clock out .I dont know what to do.

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Can someone give me advise on what to do? - lizdawiz82 - 09-10-2011, 06:49 PM

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