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Utah - forced pto, sick time for first week
I injured my back on the job. I went to the ER immediately after work. I have approved WC coverage.
I got my paycheck for the week of the injury. My manager put me in for PTO and Sick time to cover the two remaining missed days of my schedule.
I asked HR about this yesterday. I was told that I had to take PTO or Sick leave for the first three days.
This is not what the WC IC told me. They said they would pay for the remaining days missed once I had been out 7 days from the injury date. I got a letter from them today stating exactly that and how much my first check would be.
My problem now is I got paid twice for the first week! I did not request PTO or Sick time. I dont feel that I should be forced to take it if I was injured on the job.
Im wondering if anyone can tell me what is supposed to happen and if they can force me to use PTO and Sick leave.

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Utah - forced pto, sick time for first week - Jennao10 - 05-10-2011, 05:54 PM

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