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IME copy question
I'm thinking if what they told me is true they are not going to want to use this. But they did some testing on me and I would think that would mean there is no way they could hold that info from me even if WC paid for it. I read the info their lawyer wanted this doctor to answer and it was almost all pointed at how they could stop paying for things in the future but from the testing he though he knew some treatments that could help me. If true this is a real question for them. If they had some treatment ideas that means I'm not at MMI and can't cut me off. But my problem is what if this doctors tests did show something that could help even if not really make me better but cut down on the daily pain? Just so you know they did an ultrasound on me. Guess when your on the job injury has you in daily pain you want anything to help even if only a little bit. Just sad that if they did find something that could help but because it just doesn't fit into their plan of hurting me more they withhold the info.
Sorry but as I write things out I can't keep my mind on the words at hand and it starts to wonder. well while it was wondering I was thinking that if I had paid for this and the report showed something that could help me but I didn't want to show it to WC because it could hurt my case couldn't they get the report because it was a medical test and I though they had a right to any and all medical info about me. Now if that is correct how can they hold this info from me? Sorry too many things going through my mind from this and other stuff

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