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Question about my injury
I need help with a question. My attorney just called. Workers comp wants to end my weekly checks. The doctor that they have me going to said it is just a soft tissue injury and I can go back to work. The problem is I’ve been off work since Sept when I fell at work (co-worker placed object in my pathway) injuring my neck and lower back,
After several months and 4weeks of PT, the doctor finally ordered an MRI and found that I only have a bulge in C6 C7 and nothing is wrong with my lower back. He sent me for 4 more weeks of PT and then in January, schedule me for a shot in the neck. The shot did not work and the doctor that did it wanted to give me another one within 10-15days, but they cancelled it since I had to go back to the doctor I’m seeing for this. I went to him a few weeks ago and he said he would schedule me another shot, but I should not have any pain in my lower back and the pain in my neck and shoulder can’t be that bad. I just started my new round of PT for my entire spine this time, and I’m using a different therapist (the one I had used saw me and went up to the new one and started talking about me when he noticed us. Today is only my second visit and I told her that the pain in my left neck and upper arm is still there and just as strong if not stronger but now it is moving to the right should and arm.
Now, my attorney just called telling me that they are going to stop my checks in a few weeks and that the doctor is going to sign off and send me back to work. (I love my job and co-workers) but I’m really in pain and I can’t seem to convince them that I am. I’ve tried telling the doctor that even lifting a coffee cup in the morning causes me pain and even walking and driving, but I know he does not believe me, I’m going to go ahead and file for long term disability that I have through work but what if they send me back and I’m still having problems.

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