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what happened to my sex life
Mom2emy....It is very fustrating...but red is very right alot of the medications we take effects sex drive. And then alot of us don't only take one that effects it we take 2-3 of them. Red was also very correct in stating that sex isn't the only way to show love...I know that is very difficult to get a spouse to understand....that is missing sex in there life. You may want to get information regarding the side effects of your medication and let your husband read them, so he can understand it's not you but the medications. Communication with your husband is very important...let him know it isn't any easier for you. We being injuried aren't dead...and miss the physical contact just as much.

We can remember the good ole roll in the hay. We just have to work around pain, no sex drive, don't bend me that way it causes a shocking pains to shoot up my body, don't rub that it causes a major flare up of pain, just keep waking me up, remind me often of what we are doing..my memory isn't good. Mom2emy I know it isn't funny...and it has affected our sex lifes very much. I have been married for 21 years and once you are married for awhile you learn there is so much more in life. Just as red said you may want to talk with your doctor. See if there is some other medications you could be taking.

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what happened to my sex life - mom2emy - 04-20-2007, 05:03 PM

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