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what happened to my sex life
lol...jayne...that is great. However mom2emy...most narcotics remove your sex drive and so do the Antidepressants that a lot of people on this forum are on. As a wife of 33 years and best friend to him since the age of 10 and 11, sex is not the only thing that keeps a marriage together. This being said, sex is important to the self imagines of both partners. Therefore, first I would evaluate how much pain and maybe stiffness create barriers, and then talk to your physician about the pain and your medication list. Often there is a different medication that will have less side effects about this issue. If you don't tell them they will assume it is ok.

Also, there are a lot of books on the market that talk about these issues and give some very good advice and recommendations. I hope this helps some. I understand your concerns. Been there, done it.
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what happened to my sex life - mom2emy - 04-20-2007, 05:03 PM

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