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not ready for qme attorneys says i cant reschedual
i had infraspinatus superspinatus totally tear off and the subscapularis partilally tear. i had surgery to repair this. the post mri shows everything is tearing . the surgeon says there is no tears. i dont think he knows i have the mri report. i went for a second opinion . this doctor says this doesnt look good . he says he wants to inject dye into the shoulder enclosure and take an xray to see if the dye leaks . my qme is in a couple days. im not ready all the facts are not on the table . i feel the surgeon is not being up front with me .i asked my lawyer if i can reschedule my qme appt. he says no i will be charged 3,000 . he says just go and tell them my case is not over . i have never been down this road i have no idea whats right. can someone please tell me about the qme process. should i go even though my surgery is failing ? i know it and the second opinion doctor [not in comp list of doctors ]knows it but all others involve like my surgeon the case manager say its fine . and my attorney seems like he just wants it to be done with . please help me this is happening in the bayarea calif.

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not ready for qme attorneys says i cant reschedual - riptorn - 03-17-2011, 12:05 AM

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