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Irregular workmans comp checks
My husband has been off on workmans comp since Sep of 2010. For half the month of October and all of November we did not receive a workmans comp pay check. We did the first couple of weeks and then they stopped. Kept calling the adjustor with no return phone call and finally they called us back and said they were issuing us a check for $1400 dollars which we received the first week in December, and apologized for the delay and they they didn't know how my husbands name fell out of their automated system to have a check issued. Our bank account mind you was seriously overdrawn. So then the end of December comes, I beleive Dec 27 and the adjustor tells us that they are a 3rd party company that works with my husbands employers insurance company and that the Insurance company hasn't placed anymore funds in my husbands workmans comp account for them to cut another paycheck. They are waiting for funds. Apparently they determine how much longer my husband would be on workmans comp and distribute funds according to their best guess is what we were told. Let me stop right there...On Nov 4, the doctor was recomending surgery for my husband and we were told that we needed to go see the company's doctor after the new year so obviously he still was going to be off from work and still on workmans comp so you would have thought they would have funded his claim so the 3rd party adjustor could have continued to cut paychecks thru the new year. Prior in this post I mentioned that the adjustor didn't know how we fell out of their system to get a paycheck sent....in February, our adjustor used another excuse that he/she had not been at work to generate a check for us....I thought we were supposed to be in the automated system to have these checks cut automatically...hmmmm. Now last week we called the adjustors automated system that said the check was "issued" on Friday and we received it on Monday...this is how it should be. Now this week, the automated system says the check was cut last friday and here it is the following wednesday, mail came, still no check. How does this work? Are they doing this on purpose? As I read thru other posts on this wonderful website I see how people are just fighting to get medical care and I have to say this sicken's me. My husband has received surgery for a micordiskectomy two weeks ago and for that I am thankful. On the flipside, with the inconsistancy of receiving these checks, our bank account gets overdrawn, we haven't been able to pay our mortgage since Sept because by the time the check comes half of it goes towards overdraft fees....How can they do this. The company doctor agreed with our doctor without a shadow of a doubt. They have their proof. Maybe this was just a stress releif for me to reach out and ask...how can they stall like this?

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