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Investigator has been signed in complaint against work comp doctor
When I was looking for a lawyer for my case I sat in a lawyer's office and he explained to me that his 'high dollar' cases allowed him to occasionally take a 'low dollar' case like mine. While he excused himself on a phone call I looked out the window just as a MVA occurred. An ambulance was called for the passenger of one of the vehicles, before the injured person was taken away one of the lawyer's in the office went out and offered them one of his business cards.

And yes, occasionally at wakes, cemetaries, memorial services they show up. We buried a long time resident of our small town last month, asbestos related tracheal CA, the day after he was buried the widow was visited by an attorney, apparently a neighbor had given her address. Couldn't even wait until she had gotten over the initial shock.

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RE: Investigator has been signed in complaint against work comp doctor - bodybuilder1958 - 03-11-2011, 05:58 PM

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