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Voc Rehab Nightmare
Voc Rehab Counselor proposed a plan for a 5 day Cisco course I did not have the prerequisites to sit for. To get the prerequite course work completed and then take and pass the originally proposed course would have been more around 10k and taken around 26 weeks. Being told I am looking for job enhancement rather than wage replacement. All I am trying to do is update my skills into a less hardware oriented vertical. Essentially less hands on with the hardware since that is what my restrictions are based on...pinching, grasping, lifting etc. This would allow me to leverage the skills I currrently have and use them to my advantage in a softer vertical.....web development, virtualization, etc. By the reaction you would think I was asking to be retrained as a brain surgeon.
(01-25-2011, 04:43 PM)kate Wrote: When you say "asking for more than I deserve in retraining", what are you asking for? In Mass the definition for vocational retraining is to "restore a disabled employee to suitable employment as near as possible to pre-injury earnings" They decide what is suitable (not what you find desirable) and to get you back to as close to your wages as possible. But not necessarily to get you back to what you were making or more.
Mass Statute Chapter 152. Section 1. Definitions http://www.workerscompensation.com/regul...rent=44060

Here is some info regarding Mass. Voc Rehab.


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