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Work Hardening canceled, Epidural ordered
(01-03-2011, 09:53 PM)1171 Wrote: from a liability decision I can see problems related the new back complaints to the original work injury.
make sure the doctors link the two in a written report.
it still may be controverted.

I didn't even think of that 1171! Thanks for the heads-up on that...you know, you should be an Attorney. Smile

(01-03-2011, 10:31 PM)jayne Wrote: has a MRI been done on your neck to rule any injuries from your original accident? altho I complained of a headache along with the back in the beginning they were just treating my back it was the poster Bad Boy on here that insisted that I get a MRI on my neck that found the bad discs in my neck....

Jayne, no MRI yet. I just spoke with the ortho yesterday(briefly). Thanks for that heads-up as well! I will ask him if he can request an MRI on my neck because I really think that my post injury had something to do with the neck pain and headaches. I have never had this pain or problem before. Thanks for the advice. Smile
(01-04-2011, 11:40 AM)bronco54501 Wrote: If the injection works well then work hardening will continue, but if it dont they may poke and probe you like a voodoo doll untill they find the source that is causing the pain.. As far as the neck goes, I too complained of neck pain from day 1 and severe headaches... even before I was released from hospital.. Wc kept saying I never complained, but they play that way.. To bad for them it was all documented and was from the accident.... Have they done a emg test yet...?

Bronco, No emg or MRI on neck yet. What is an EMG? I hope they don't poke and probe me...I'm not into voodoo!..lol...When I see the ortho personally,(Jan 14) I will ask him questions all of you have brought to my attention! Thanks Bronco! Smile

P.S. I use to have a 96 Eddie Bauer edition. Dang I miss that trunk!

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