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Doctors get KICKBACKS for spinal fusion Implants...
spinal implants became big profit generators for device makers. The screws used to drill into bone, known as pedicle screws, sell for $1,000 to $2,000 apiece but cost less than $100 to make. A bone-growth protein used to help vertebrae fuse can sell for more than $5,000 a pack, depending on the size.
Another study of workers' compensation cases published this year in the online edition of the journal Spine showed that patients who had a spinal fusion were much less likely to return to work within two years after their surgery than a group of patients with similar conditions who didn't have surgery, and that 27% of them had to be re-operated on. Their rate of permanent disability was more than five times as high as the patients whose spines weren't fused, and their daily intake of powerful narcotic painkillers increased by 41% after surgery.

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