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Settlement and Buy Out in Cali...
Hey All....

I used to be one of the 1st members on this forum some years ago. Good to be back!

Ok, here goes. The hubby was injured in Cali in July 1999. He was put at 100% permanantly disabled in September 2004. He has been getting his checks, and his atty has already been paid. The IC has stopped paying for the nurse a couple of years ago, so I am his sole caretaker. We recieved a letter from the atty today saying that the IC would like to BUY OUT all medical. They had been kicking around the idea of a Medicare Set Aside, but with his case being as complicated as it is, I believe they feel it was too hard to deal with.

We don't know what would be fair, what to expect, what numbers will be thrown at us or anything. When they decide to do this, I realize it is his decision to accept or not, but what is the amount to look for, ballpark I mean? What, if anything, will they deduct? He has been on SSDI since May of 2000. The IC stopped paying for alot of the meds, and only pay for 2 things now, and havent paid for a doctor appointment in over 4 years. They havent paid for ANY mileage EVER...I mean, they have truly treated him so badly. His surgeon had said he had never seen such a case of medical abuse as badly as my husband. I do realize that no one can say for sure what is fair and not, but I was hoping maybe someone has an idea of what to expect.

I want to thank you all now for any help. It is so good to be back on the forum again. I see 1171 is still here!!! HI 1171!!! Smile
Big Grin
Here is to Strong Women! May we Know Them, May we Raise Them, May WE BE THEM!!


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Settlement and Buy Out in Cali... - cookfamily - 12-14-2010, 01:32 PM

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