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i can't afford to be on comp anymore
(10-19-2010, 07:45 PM)FunPops Wrote: well i have been told that no pain meds will help so i may as well not take any. meanwhile im on the brink of losing my house due the income i am receiving. lawyer and insurance companies going at it while i sit here going broke and in pain. if i am going to be in pain i may as well do it while making a few bucks.
The ime doc told me i could work, my doc says i need a 2 level fusion....I will ask my doc to clear me to go back to work. I have to atleast give it a shot. If the doctor LIb mutual hired clears me to work, how can they deny me to come back?

I asked my doctor if I could go back to work and see if I could do my job, he let me on a trial basis and my work allowed it as well. I also spoke with my attorney and they said that was fine, I asked the attorney if i couldn’t do it without a lot of pain would it be as difficult to get my work comp checks started again and my attorney said no it will be easy to get your checks started again guess what I lasted 12 weeks and it was worse than when the accident first happened it took months and on top of that the attorney had to schedule a hearing because the insurance company wouldn’t start my checks again and here’s the real kicker the insurance company sent my check to my attorneys office so he could get his cut $900.00 to be exact. I had to go into my attorneys office sign the check so they could cash it wait for it to clear thru their bank then attorneys office called and said I could come pick up the remaining balance and a hearing never had to take place. You will starve on work comp, not be able to pay your bills, ruin your good credit. My insurance company just sends the checks when they feel like they are late most of the time or will say they have sent my check but when I get the check I can see when the letter has been post marked and also the date on my check....do they think I’m stupid ? Hard to pay your bills when you don’t know when your money is coming. Good luck I feel your pain.

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