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Future medical treatment/creditable doctor?
My primary doctor was asked to give his opinion on future medical treatment for the right knee. (This doctor is also an osteopath and has been my doctor since 1991)

March 2006 - Left knee/meniscus repair
February 2007 - Right knee/meniscus repair, pica resection, chrondyl repair/physical therapy 2010
June 2008 - Left knee/Total knee replacement

The letter reads:
Regarding her right knee, I feel in the future she will require right total knee replacement. Due to the problems with her knee and somewhat from her back problems she is required to use a came as an assistive ambulatory device. I am not sure there are any other logical and or medical solutions for knee problems other than a total knee.

The surgeon who did the TKR of the other knee was asked to examine the right knee and also wrote a TKR would be needed in the future of the right knee.

The treating work comp doctor writes the strain of the right knee is resolved and gave me no work restrictions at the last appointment.
The goal is to close out the medical on this knee.

Who will the court likely find more creditable in the above statements of the right knee?

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Future medical treatment/creditable doctor? - Bummer Knees - 09-02-2010, 07:35 PM

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