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workers comp settlement demand letter
(09-02-2010, 01:58 AM)AQA Wrote: You are playing a very dangerous game with your future.

You have been given some very good or should I say GREAT advise. Except for 1171's first response. LOL

It is very easy for a injured worker to come up with a figure for monies lost do to an injury. Often that figure is way to high. Now as far as the medical goes. You have a wild (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) guess. O K, great. What happens if your figure is to low. Then who pays???? Your person insurance?????? NOT. They are not going to pay for something that someone else should have payed for. You can go after WC for that money because you settled with them. Who pays????? Further more. Lets say there are complications with future medical. Meaning, something goes wrong with a surgery and something else is needed. Who pays for that???????????? I know my WC insurance had payed over half a million for my surgeries and they will be paying for my meds. and implant replacing until my time has come.

As I said at the begining. " You are playing a very dangerous game with your future ".

You may want to take the advice given and use it. Contact and attorney. If you do not retain them. atleast you may get some great legal advice.

Just my thoughts. Take Care

Further more. If you make the first offer. You have just set the bar. The IC can either except the offer, decline the offer, or counter the offer. If they counter the offer, then they have set the low bar. At that point you can either try to negotiate or withdraw the offer. that all.

I think you would be in a better position if you had an attorney on your side and let the IC make the first offer. Furture medical could destroy you financially.

Take Care

Take Care

Good for you for telling him all of that. You are 100% correct.
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