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Chemical Sensitivity - nurse visit tomorrow
CavScout Wrote:Hi All,
Yes I'm a newbie, but I did search for a thread that similar and didn't find one. I work in Minnesota, but live in Wisconsin.

I have an accepted claim from WC for an extreme sensitivity to a fragrance that we use at work. New job, new fragrance, didn't really bother me that much for a week or so. Then it really kicked in and I got a splitting headache, numbness and tingling in fingertips, parts of my face, my nose, nausea, and more not-fun stuff. Anyway it's been cruddy at work. I have to wear a respirator when I'm near the stuff, but the dang stuff if EVERYWHERE. Not only that, but my boss thinks I'm faking it and that is really messing with my head.

My claim was accepted by Fireman's Fund and now they are sending a nurse to visit me at home tomorrow. They told me I'd receive paperwork in the mail and I haven't seen a thing but one small check. I'm a little freaked out after reading all the posts here about how they're going to try and cut benefits as soon as they can. The problem with the sensitivity is that now other people's cologne and perfume also make me sick. I had to leave a store today because of it. From what my doctor has told me, an allergist, this is going to stick with me the rest of my life. I'm really going to watch what I say tomorrow, but I'm worried about it and am thinking of hiring a lawyer.

Are there any other chemical sensitive people out there who can share their story with me?

Hi CavScout, and welcome.

Like you, I had a NCM (not in my home) and like you, I was suspicious as well. My advice to you is this...when he/she comes to your home, make sure YOU take control of the conversation. Don't be rash, but casually ask him/her (after they have identified themselves), questions such as:

1. Can you bring me up to speed on how you became involved in my case, and why?
2. With my condition, how is a NCM helpful to me?
3. How long have you been doing this?
4. Have you read up on my case, or condition? And if so are you familiar with this condition? Would you elaborate?
5. Will you be at my doctors appointments, and if so I would prefer to
be seen in the exam room alone. When we are DONE I will send for
for you to come in.
6. I prefer not to discuss my family affairs, job, or social life.
7. I would prefer if our next visit not be here in my home, but rather
somewhere mutual, and where my condition will not be affected.

These are just a few ways to control the conversation. If need be make sure to write down your answers, and have some member of your family present as a witness to their response. If at all possible have someone other than just the NCM at your doc visits as well. Do not get too comfortable with this person. Don't be lure into a false sense of security. Do not volunteer any information unless you deem it necessary for this person to know. Even then, think about it twice before revealing it. You are not being sneaky, it's just that you need to remember who you are dealing with, and whom they represent.

Last but not least call for a free initial consultation with an attorney. Don't be in a rush to accept the first one you talk to. Make several different calls, and then decide. The one thing you said in your post that stuck in my mind was this statement: "Not only that, but my boss thinks I'm faking it and that is really messing with my head."

That's might get worse, and WC isn't known for their suddilty. This is why you need an attorney, in your corner to help alleviate some of your stress. Let him/her go up against the big boys.
If your boss is harassing you at work, or threatens you in some manner with termination.
Your attorney would be more that happy to deal with that. Heck, you might even wonder to yourself, "now why would something like that get my attorney excited! In a nut-shell, do as much research on your condition as you can. Don't appear to the NCM, that you don't have a clue about what you are dealing with. If you need crib notes, that's okay too. You can say, "I've done my own research and this is what I've found to be true...FOR ME!

Remember, you should not be in this alone. We are here if you to vent, or just talk. But an attorney has the power, something none of us have. Don't forget to pray.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, nor do I give legal advice. The above is only an opinion, and not to be taken as legal advice in any form.

Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.

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