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Scheduled for my IME...
You can Ask for Someone Closer, but They Must want this Dr. for a Reason. If You have to Fly, You can get Rides on Golf Cart Like Vehicles at the Airports to get You from Gate to Gate, and then to baggage and a Taxi. I Believe You can Call ahead and Request This.If You Have an Attorney Contact Them after the Holiday and try and get an IME Closer. Best of Luck!Wink

You can also Ask Them to Drive You, I've had that Done Twice, the First in a Limo, and the Second in a '09 Land Rover. They will stop and Let You Walk when needed. Let Them know if You do This You are still going to need a Motel for the Evening as You could Never Travel 12 Hours in One Day!
I Wish Everyone in the World would Take just One Minute to Take a Deep Breath and Look at the Wonders around Them. Too Much Time caught Up in the Moment can Cause Us to Miss soo Much that is Good, and given Us Daily! We are just too Busy to See!

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Scheduled for my IME... - injuredinidaho - 05-29-2010, 04:49 AM
RE: Scheduled for my IME... - Regrets - 05-29-2010, 07:47 AM
RE: Scheduled for my IME... - inpainokla - 05-29-2010, 11:39 AM

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