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Employer required "full release" violates ADA law...
(05-10-2010, 12:07 PM)1171 Wrote: Employers that implement 100 percent healed policies precluding any individuals with injuries or illness from working may be committing a per se violation of the ADA. Employers should instead conduct an individualized assessment of the individual's ability to perform the essential functions of his job with reasonable accommodations.


Thank you, I know someone who was badly injured breaking up a fight in a school district. The person suffered a severe head injury and the employer fired him because they said "you failed to make your probation period by three weeks". He started as part-time worked for six months, they loved him and put him on full-time. He worked eleven months at the full-time rate until the school district fired him because he was in the hospital. The District said "We fired you because you did not work the full year and make your probation". How was he suppose to make his probation period if he was in the hospital recovering from a brain injury?

Workers Compensation really shows you who is in charge, if he was not employed by the District he could have sued for real money. The Parkland Shooting, imagine if that police officer got shot trying to stop the shooter and they fired him while getting treatment in the hospital. It make's no sense at all does it!

Did they take down the link you posted, its gone according to my web browser.

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