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Question here confused
I smashed the tip of right ring finger and the tip of the bone isnt healing right. the doc is suggesting that I cut the tip off, cause its not looking like it gonna heal correctly. How long can person wait until the I/C stops paying, cause Im scared to have the tip of my finger amputated. Will eventually the I/C force me to cut it off and stop paying. where will this road lead to. I havent had a second opinion or anything and I live in the state of md. thanks for any help that I can get from you great people in the world.

Hi sedd...JMO....Before you do anything else get a second opinion from a hand specialist.

Sedd, Cap. is right on the Money, I think on another Thread I told you not to do a thing until you have a Second Opinion, and I would surely be looking for advice from Counsel, your situation is not a simple one. When you have to have something amputated, regardless of where it is, be very careful and get all the Knowledge you can before making your desicion. An w/c Certified Attorney from your State can surely give you the exact answers you need, and the first Consultation is usually Free. I Wish you the Best, and Please keep us informed!!Smile
File a WC Claim, they may give you a problem at first, Don,t back down, be persistent, When I got Injured , I waited 8 month,s ,,,then filed a claim, They Honored it, If that don,t work ,,,,,get an Attorny.
On The Road to Recovery
to answer ur q, they cant force u to get it cut off, but if u refuse treatment, they can cut u off.
I would waste NO time at all in going to an orthopedic surgon who specializes in hand/finger injuries. DO not put that off. If W/C dont pay 4 visit, they should if u can get current doc to refer you to a finger specialist, then send a copy of the bill via certified mail, return reciept for payment, and get a lawyer.
If you see a good doc who does hand reconstructions all the time, he should have no trouble getting it right, likely in one surgery.
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