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Attorney, normal procedure?
Hello all.
New member here. First time hurt and going through Workers comp. and have very little experience with how it works.

So you don't feel you are reading a book, I will give the short version first.

I was injured at work in June of 09. Because the lack of getting help from WC I got an attorney in Aug. I have had some paperwork filed from them and have spoke with the them on the phone and once in thier office. I have been given medical treatment- Dr.s exams and meds. So I am not totally standing still.

My question is this: I have never spoken directly to the attorney handling my case, only his assistant. I have asked to speak to him only to have her(the assistant) ask me "What is the question maybe I can help", most times she can answer my questions, when she can't she would either put me on hold and go ask someone or call me back. This is a medium to large firm and I have assumed that they try to have thier assistants field as many calls as possible so the attorneys can focus thier time to cases and not alot of phone calls. The only time I have spoken to another person was when I called upset about the total lack of nothing geting done (my perception) I was transfered to someone else in the firm who basically said "It's not our fault".
I have recently returned to light duty and speaking with another employee, found out has the same WC company (different attorney) and has gotten the same treatment.

I have come to understand the workings of our insurance/medical laws. They ( to me anyways) are complex and sometimes "senseless".

So, I guess my question boils down to: Am I worrying for nothing about only speaking to the "firm" and not my actual attorney?

Any, suggestions/hints/comments welcome.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. Smile
If an atty can't bill you he is losing money talking to you. Generally the staff is more than able to help with and answer routine questions. Pretty much SOP.
Every firm, and every attorney is somewhat different. I have worked in law firms ranging from 2 attorneys to several hundred, and the procedures varied widely. All law firms are in business to make money. Some take the position that to the extent that you can pay someone to handle portions of the attorneys job for $15/hour rather than paying the attorney $150/hour to do the same thing, you are better off. Other firms feel that the good will you obtain from having the attorney intimately involved in all facets of the case more than makes up for the billing differential. I would not call either method right or wrong. If you are comfortable with dealing with the firm rather than the lawyer, there isn't a problem. If you aren't, you can try to discuss this with the firm or take your business elsewhere.
I have been with My Attorney for 4 Years Now, and I am Very Fortunate. During This Time My Attorney has Made Partner, and is a "Rising Star" in the Ratings, it's the Step Before becoming a "Super Lawyer", a Distinguished Position Here in Pa.! I have Spoken to His Assistant Twice when He was On Vacation, other than That, He Returns My Calls Usually the Same Day, and if Very Busy within a Day or Two at the Latest! His Office is in a City 35 Miles from My Home, and Monday I had to do a Vocational Rehab. Interview for the Ins. Co., and the Weather was Awful Here with Snow. My Attorney set Up the Appt. a Couple of Weeks ago to be at My Home, not at His Office, because He knows the Pain it would Cause me to get There. He had a Nasty Cold, and Still Made the Interview, and was Here to Correct anything I may have Said Wrong, and also to Help Me Understand Some of the Questions. Afterwards He sat with My Wife and I for almost an Hour Answering Questions My Wife had, because I always have to be the Middle-Man and Relay Answers to Her when My Attorney and I Talk via Phone! I'm Very Happy with Him, He has Never Left Me Unrepresented at a Hearing, (15 so Far, with More to go), and 2 Appeals. He's been a Life Saver for Me, and I'm Very happy with His Services!!Wink
I have had the same luck with my attorney. There were 2 handling my case and generally I could get one on the phone. If I said it was important I got a callback that day. If not within 3 days. At times I would ask to speak to their paralegal . If she didn't know the answer she would find out and call me back that day. As long as they worked for me and didn't leave me hanging and would take the time to explain something I didn't understand...I was happy.
From your Replys it looks like Attorney client interaction is a mixed bag..
For now, I still feel comfortable with my attorney and will not make any changes now. I have been told getting a new one could also be like the last. Not to mention the head ache of your new attorney getting all your records and aquainting them selves with your case.

Thanks for the input gang, I have a little clearer idea of "How things can work"

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