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Can I go to my own doctor?
If WC is not denying it your private insurance will more then likely not pay it but if they are denying they have to cover it as if it was any other medical problem. By that I mean they can't deny it just because you have a comp claim unless WC is paying it. Mine was covered by WC until the PM doc wanted to do the SCS. After that we sent bills to private and at first the denied them until we told them WC was now denying it, then they covered it and will get paid back once WC is forced to cover it again. Be careful because they could be playing a game by just not paying it but saying they are not denying it, that way your private may not have to cover it. Just one way to make you suffer longer. There are many games they play, we might win in the end but they can make you suffer alot in the mean time. Remember the name of the game is do anything to save the company money and screw the injured party if you can.
Wow not only make us suffer but also make some of us insane with the confusion lol. I know I really need a doc who knows more about WC and what to do. Being my WC PTP never sent the WC IC anything I really wonder if that is why I have not gotten paid.

I went and checked my mail and I had a letter in their from hubby's ins. co. and here is what it said.


1.Date of injury:
2.Type of injury ____FALL____AUTO____OTHER
3.If "Other" please explain
4.Injury occured at ____HOME____WORK_____OTHER
5.If auto related please provide name,phone number,Policy number and/or Claim number of your auto insurance carrier
6.If you have an attorney please provide name,address and phone number.

then it goes on to say I________,understand that my medical plan has a third party recovery/subrogation provision which provides that medical benefits paid under the plan are to be reibursed (up to the amount paid of such benefits) from and payments, awards or settlements which may be due by any third party. In addition, I authorize ********* Indiana Health Organization to directly seek and recieve such reimbursement from any third party payments that may, in the future, become payable because of this accident.

Weird how I brought all this up today and then I get this letter
fill it out and send that puppy back...after I signed one simular to it my insurance kicked in they in turn went after WC however in the meantime I was taken care of at a Doc of my choosing....not WCs
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne the "puppy" is going out into one of the big blue mailboxes tonight lol. Hey if they go after the WC IC like yours did that would be awesome cause at least then someone would be going after them.
yes sir e bob then its their lawyers agaisnt WC lawyers....like throwing one tiny fish in a pool of starving sharks
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Heck yes! That is GREAT NEWS!!!! Just wish I could be there to watch it all go down...

Hey Jayne where bouts are you are from? You talk just like all us from this little hick town lol.
a small town in the great state of Okla.......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I wondered if you were from a small town lol Smile

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