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strange question
Jayne- Call the church and have them put it on the prayer list, you know that if you ask the lord for him to remove the desire he will.

Let us know what the doctor says about Bill. I put in extra prayers for him when you told me about it and will continue to pray for him and you until all this pressure passes.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
I have been trying to quit smoking with no luck, and I know that I should. My doctor wants to quit as soon as possible, by whatever means possible. He told me that a lot of people smoke when they are anxious or stressed, and I take meds for anxiety, so I should be able to quit, but still am smoking. Good luck Jayne on not being tempted to pick up a smoke. I hope that I will be able to quit, my willpower sucks.
I also thought it was the idea of having something to do with my hands. But when I resorted to actually puffing on the end of that straw I figured it had to be more than just wanting to do something with my hands. I tell you, my friends actually thought I was nuts when I would pull out that straw but it did the trick for me. I guess I got tired of puffing on a straw and getting nothing when I would pull on it then I would put the straw up.....lol. I was laughed at more than once about that but I didn't care, cause I did not light up that cig that I wanted so badly. If and when I am ready to quit again I will use that straw again and again and let them laugh all they want......roflmao. Love ya!

Cajun Hugsssssssssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.
Thanks all I will try it MJC as I dont ever want to smoke again.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I will kill you.....LOL You were one of the people who helped me to quit and I am so gratefull that you did. I have snuck a couple since quitting, but that was all I needed. Have you been in situations or around people you use to smoke with. This could be what is making you crave one so badly. For some reason I can smoke 1 or 2 and then not smoke again for months. I know most people can't do this so please don't try it. If you need an ear I'm here. Backache
stress, Dear Jayne, stress. Don't give in!
Let Go, and Let God......

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