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hurt on the job
i would like to know how a employer can have your injury covered under workers comp with all bills payed untill the doctor said you need surgery?everything was documented that the injury happened at work.the doctor could not believe that work comp did not cover surgery seeing how they covered all the bills until my doctor said you need surgery to correct the problem and then when the dr. did not release me my employer fired me.
In most states the employer is not required to create or hold a job for you once you leave it.
The Family and Medical Leave Act will protect your job for up to 12 weeks.
Not being employed does not change your entitlement to work comp coverage.
You can appeal the denial of benefits to your states work comp board.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Has WC offered a settlement? A lot depends on state laws, it may be time to get an atty.
I was told that when W/C take responsibility for any of your bills, they are doing so voluntarily and they can stop at any time. So, if they originally thought that you may jhave only needed a small amount of treatment, it may have been worth it to them to just pay it and not have the courts determine that they have to pay all your medical bills. But when it came to surgery and the cost was going to be high, they then decided they'd rather wait for the courts to make them pay...if it got all that way. Sometimes people give up before a trial can be put on the docket and the W/C gets off the hook of having to pay anything.

For me, I went 1 1/2 years (w/oa lawyer) and they were paying everything. I assumed that meant they were taking responsibility for the injury. I finally got a lawyer when I found out I needed a surgery and she explained to me what I just meantioned above. Sure enough, they refused to pay for my surgery and numerous items since then. We have had to request a hearing with the state on a number of treatments and with each one, as soon as it was put on the docket...they all of the sudden agreed to pay for it. They know that it takes close to a year to be put on the docket and so they deny paying for things hoping that w/i that year, the person will be in so much pain and in need of getting back to work and a paycheck, that they will either pay for it themselves of just go back to work with the pain. If not, they have a year before they have to pay for it.

Good luck.
oh no they have not tried to settle they say they took care of everything.they must no of read the doctors notes or didnt care.but then again my case manager was the company nurse and they are good about getting work comp to say no to taking care of injurys.the doctor took me off the job due to how bad my back was and they knew it was bad must be they didnt want to pay for my bills and yes it was very exspensive over 150,000 then some.its sad that the laws are for the employer even thought you have to pay the politisions wages with payrole taxs.
to all of you waiting for good news hang in there i have two law suits going on well one now. work comp is still going,but wrong full termination suit will end soon got a letter yesterday from att they dropped the counter suit and want to settel.what a biggg suprise this company never gives up with out a fight win or lose they go for it.so hang in there i still have the work comp to deal with butt its looking better dont give up thats what they want you to do.dont give up hang in there....they think you will get tired of it all and stop,thats why they counter suid me they thought they would chase me off.so hang in there if you think your rite.good luck to all.never thought this would flie seeing dow i worked in a work at will state,now they want to talk.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.


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