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AZ Gal's WC Denial Reversed???
After we hired an attorney he was informed by the case manager or claims adjuster (whatever her title is for the state insurance company) that my claim was denied because they did not complete "their" investigation within 21 days. He informed them he was immediately filing in court for a hearing and filing motions for the state to pay Lorri Ann's medical, lost wages, restore her used annual and sick leave. and lost potential wages (or soemthing like that).

This AM we recieved a telephone call from the fire department and paramedics that responded and took Lorri Ann to the ER. The female caller reported she previously received a denial letter for WC and wanted our private insurance #s. When she heard we had an atttorney she asked for his telephone number and stated she would not bill our insurance company until it was resolved. Less than two (2) hours later she called back and explained she was opening the mail and there was a check from the state insurance company for the bill in full. Additionally, she continued the other hospitals and doctors should also be receiving checks for services rendered.

Our attorney has not called us back today, as he was in court all day. What does this mean? Is this standard operating procedure or has the state reversed their first decision?

Last week when we talked with the attorney he stated they alleged Lorri Ann pulled the more than 900 lb file cabinet on herself. However, they had scheduled a neurologist appointment for Lorri Ann in Dec. Since Lorri Ann's injury in August no DRs will see her except for Urgent Care or the ER. Her private insurance company approved a Neurologist appointment for Dec (which is actually a day before the state's appointment). Her symptoms have remained the same and she tries so hard to be positve.

Here is one question I have... Lorri Ann's office looks like a toy store with puppets, children's books, and toys (she investigates the worst crimes against children in this part of the state). Additionally, she has several personal items from me and her mother and father she would like to have with her. How can we retrieve these items? Should we make an appointment with the supervisor or is there another way? I know this is important to Lorri Ann, however, I do not want to mess up something for her case. I do not want to go in the office on off hours, because who knows what will be said or what sort of allegations will be made.

Your advice is deeply appreciated as I would like to do this for her. Thanks, Larry
have your lawyer call and make appt for you to pick up the items..when I said I was going after mine a co-worker accused me of taking things that were not mine......Good thing I was in the ER the nite she said I "broke" in....she wanted my job bad.......well it took 2 years but she got it .....dont think it was as good as she thought it was......should say SHE wasnt as good as she thought she was....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

hI AZ,

I am so glad to see that things are finally rolling good thing you decided to get an attorney, he sounds like he is really getting the job done. I you haven't already looks like lorri Ann's checks will be rolling in and they will have to pay you all that back pay and maybe even penalties. I still pray for all my injured sisters and brothers and I hope lorri Ann will now get the proper care she needs and so deserves. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOU FAMILY
I'm so happy that Lorri Ann will finally get the care and compensation that she deserves. I'm glad you hired an attorney and that he started getting things moving for her. Please tell her that we are here for her. I hope that everything gets taken care of quickly. Remember that since you have representation now, that you should ask him questions, and not the I/C, this way you won't be mislead. Larry, I would also like to say that you are an excellant hubby for all the care and help that you provide for Lorri Ann. You are definetly a special man. Have a good holiday.
Good luck
You must have hired a "go getter" attorney! Fabulous! he got things moving in the right direction for you. Now maybe she'll get what's coming to her treatment & money wise. Yes, have lawyer set up the appmnt for retrieving her personal items from her office...and do not do it alone, take a friend... and make sure the mngr or HR is present when this takes place, so you aren't accused of taking beyond what was her's. (Jayne I can't believe your co-worker worked at MY office too!!)
I wish you both a Joyous & safe Thanksgiving!
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
I Agree with all Above, and I'm Glad things are Finally going in the Right Direction!! Congratulations!! It Sounds like You have a Great Attorney!!Wink

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