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What different forms should you ask for when getting reports ?
We have alot of newbies here so I thought I would ask a basic Question to help them .. and who knows maybe others too ..
I myself also ask for all reports , xrays , mri , intake charts , etc

But keep getting told that the handwritten by nurses and doctor charts that they use in you first walk into the room are not keep only used till dictated ..( Thats My clinic )

What other charts or reports do you ask for ?

The hand written notes will vary by doctor - however, I have found that if they are on the form then they are covered over with a sticky type note - my pcp in Iowa did the same type of practice using handwritten notes until it was dictated however you could still see some of the handwritten notes to the side - i.e. meds issued, etc in the notes section. So part of the notes will be typed and look like they are stuck on and the rest will be handwritten.

However, I have also attended doctors in iowa the refused to give up their handwritten notes - I guess the thing is to remind them that they are also part of your file and not just what is on the computer file but what is in the physical file as well.

You can also report the doctor to the state board for refusing to give you such notes as it is a violation of the Hipaa regulations if you specifically ask for them in writing. I think it took me reminding the one doctor of this before I got all the intake notes, etc. The other office I never got all of them. However, I will tell you it takes a long time before the board will do anything and also since your currently being treated it may cause problems as well with your treatment. You may be better of letting your attorney get all those hand written notes.
My Attorney told Me a Long Time ago, the only Reports that matter are the Official Report from the Dr. I have all of My MRI reports, and Films (I Pay Extra for Them) along with all correspondence My and the Defense Attorney has Written, I also have every Pay Stub from the i/c and any and all Correspondence from the BWC, and the Judge! That alone is well over 15lbs. at this Point, and Growing sometimes Daily! All EMG Reports, anything that the Judge has an Opportunity to See to make a Decision in My Case I Have, I even have some copies of some of the Depositions!! I feel much Better being to read over these, and giving My Attorney any discrepancies in a Timely manner! Some are a little tough to get, but they can be received. Your Attorney has all of these Forms, I have mine sent from Him! I Hope this Helps, and Have a Great Day!!Wink

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