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PA: doctor cancels PT for home PT, will WC be canceled (also new injury)
for months my gf has been seeing an ortho as a result of a slip and fall and all has been paid up until now. however due to her injury she obviously was overcompensating with the other leg and also now PT has gotten longer and more difficult. matter of fact she was feeling better but then went downhill. even PT guy said she's at a plateau. they dont know what to do

today the ortho said PT is hurting you and you must stop. just do 3x a week home therapy and tell WC that you need a spine specialist for your back . he said WC legally must pay for your back since it is new since your accident and caused by your bad knee. he said in the condition your back is in, you will never get better and if they dont wanna pay the spine doctor they will make me angry

before she tried to get her back taken care of by WC and they said no. but i told her this time she should demand a letter rejecting that. do they do that kind of thing? then i guess we would have to take to atty and fight it? the entire thing is WHO is supposed to fight for this? will the DR step up and call WC. must they listen to him? i have 1000 questions.

also he said see you in 3 months and she told him WC is demanding she see him every month but he said thats BS. i will see you when i want to. not when they want you to

so whats your take on all this?

he also said he cannot replace her knee until she's after 50 so we are a long way away from that

so will they just keep my GF on WC the rest of her life. obviously there's no light duty at work because she's a caregiver and by definition that is heavy duty.
Your girl friend needs to communicate with carrier/employer in writing as information needs to be shared and documented. denials may need to be litigated. She can contact her health carrier as they will often pick up care when denied by comp.
If she,s denied benefits it'll be up to her to appeal. Doctor opinions are used as evidence to verify benefit status and support appeals.
Help for other questions here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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