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Getting Tired Of My Ins. Carrier....
With open med you'll still be in the system and have to deal with treatment approvals and denials so it's not totally ended; but it's a start.
Find out how much help your atty will be after they are paid.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Good question.. too bad I forgot to ask him when he came here today... He had another associate look over the papers too and they both seen that with medical, it was written that it would pertain ONLY to the lower back... so they reworded it to add causally related to the injury... He said this way, if the nerves pinch so bad that my legs go numb and I fall breaking my arm, it will be covered... So this is a good change... Glad he saw that before the papers were filed....
(02-07-2017, 11:53 AM)tbear6410 Wrote: Hi everyone...  instead of complaining about my former surgeon and my back problem... Let's add the Ins. Carrier to my headaches..

Since I was in the hospital for cervical surgery, I couldn't go to my Comp hearing in December..   I gave my lawyer some questions that I wanted answers to from the Carrier and the idiot IME they had me go to....   Well, since my lawyer TRIED telling me he did what I asked, I called Comp and asked for the minutes for that hearing....  Got them a week later and not one of my questions asked at all....

1. IME stated I was already on SSDI (nope)
2. IME stated I've been on Hydro's since 2012 (nope)
3. IME stated I'm a heavy drinker (nope, heck I don't drink at all)
4. Ins. Carrier stated I work for Coke in Bronx, NY (LOL)

I might add... I remember going to that last IME... this guy brings me and my hubby in his office and calls me by a different name... I tell him my name and he has to search the folders for the correct one.  He also asks me questions that didn't even pertain to me or my lower back injury..  My hubby had to ask this guy if he had the CORRECT person's file or not....

Well, because of all this...  I went from 75% disabled with all kinds of restrictions to 62% and no restrictions and this IME is stating I can go back to work.   In the minutes from that hearing, I have 3 doctor's all stating 75% and one IME stating less....     So guess where the judge went..

I also just received papers from the Carrier saying that I have to go put in job applications 5 times a week and send them copies of them..  EXCUSE ME????    The Carrier knows full well about my upper spine surgery and that my new surgeon has me at 100% and I can't do much of anything... even picking up a simple gallon of milk!!!  I'm sorry, but if this recovery goes wrong and the bones don't fuse the way they should, I was told I go back for a second surgery... It's bad enough I'm living in a neck brace for the next 5 months, then 3 months of PT after that, then a smaller neck brace for another 4 to 5 months.. and now we have to put in for PT because of nerve damage in my right arm to my hand...  Yeah.. I'm ready to go back to work... LOL

Yes I called my lawyer's office and I see him face to face next Thursday about all of this.  I am going to tell him he better get on the ball about this and those questions I wanted answered or I will get in touch with Comp and complain about this.

(stepping off the soap box)

Hi, I had a very ugly UR Report where the UR doctor did not read all the reports and only used glanced at all the Hired Guns while ignoring the Plaintiff's QMEs. I had to pay my doctor his hourly rate to debunk that report. One of the doctors the UR quoted in my report was a doctor the insurance carrier ripped off. How can you quote a doctor your neither paying for nor have the reports for? It shows how biased your IME was, the System is so rigged its up to you and your doctor to point out the gross distortions. Again I emphasis you should pay your doctor his hourly rate because that IME needs to be shown as trash!
How can comp change rules?? Now I'm told we don't have to be at the hearing on Monday.. Lawyer will be there with the papers and talk to the Judge and Carrier.. He says we now have to wait until the Judge decides yes or no instead of right there... He says they can take a week... two... three... no one knows and now we will have to wait for the decision to come in the mail...
I knew something didn't feel right....
I'm not sure which rule you believe has been changed.
maybe you think your atty knows all the rules and you believe what they say.
so when they said you'll have a check in 23 days you took it as "gospel".
your experience should tell you they have been wrong many times on the details of what should happen on your claim and therefore you should not take what they say as totally factual.
and you still tend to forget that experience,
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
From what we were told, the hearing coming up was the settlement hearing and a decision would be made there.. Permanency has been done and everything.. Judge has already ruled that no more job hunting was to be done. Now I'm told that some rule was changed last week, I don't have to be at the hearing, the judge doesn't have to rule, etc...

I asked him how come I was told I had to be at this hearing, I was going to be asked questions and now it's changed... I also asked what had come to questioning the last IME I had... he says since the Carrier agreed to the reports from my surgeon, PA and pain management, he didn't question the IME..

From what my lawyer's secretary said when I was signing the papers.. she said when the judge rules on the 16th, it takes 23 days to receive your settlement check... said they give the injured person 10 days just in case they want something changed or decide something else, then another so many days after that in case problem comes up and so on... she said it's always 23 days including weekends...

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