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Need some advice
Thanks, I'm going to definitely check into that.
Last time I was seen the doctor order I received said to do light work conditioning with physical therapy. When I got to this new physical therapy facility the pt told.me there is no such thing and it seems as Im now in a regular work conditioning program. How can they just throw me into this program when the doctor said light work conditioning with physical therapy. I also do nit get any type of physical therapy just the work conditioning program. the nurse case manager have me a hard time about where I do this at. Apparently the pt facility I have been going since I got the surgery doesn't offer a work condition program. Apparently light work conditioning isn't even a real thing so not sure why I couldn't stay there then.
(07-28-2016, 11:51 AM)1171 Wrote: You can request to change doctors.
You can get a second opinion.
You can go to court if/when treatment is denied.
Denied care can often be obtained thru general health insurance.
You can file a second claim on your knee if there was a new injury.
You can file a claim on your back.
You can go to another doctor for back treatment.
Keep your atty advised.

Hi there, I saw you've given some sound advice on this forum and I really need a sounding board and some help. My partner has been in a lot of pain with sciatica and disc issues but he didnt recognize and exact "incident date" and no report was filed. He missed some work, got an MRI, and went to a chiropractor/disc specialist. Because it was an injury over time they did not accept his claim. But he can't go to work (but he has to because of bills) and he cannot afford the treatment he needs to get well.

We've been denied for our claim and we don't know where to go from here. HELP! I feel we should file an incident report and reclaim ? is it possible to try to get a new claim approved if you've already tried. His employer and doctor are both in his corner. 

Thank you so much.
Trying to understand your problems but one thing to remember if your doctor has written any restriction do not do anything above what he has cleared you for. WC is good at asking you to do something and then because you do say you are not as injured as you say. Maybe since he is only saying lite duty or work he needs to define this more. Also I think they told you about changing doctors, this is because a second doctor might see thinks the first doesn't. Or it could be you are at a doctor that while he is trying to treat you he maybe on WC side and will go along with what they say. This is why they told you to not let the nurse case manager pick one for you. Be careful with the nurse, she may act like she is trying to help you but remember she is getting paid by the company and has their interests in mind. Once you are injured the company normally only wants to get you off WC as quick and as cheap as they can. Making sure you are treated fair and getting the best care is not on the top of their list

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